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Kind words.

"Chelsie assured me that she would be there to support us and not replace me in the delivery room. Thanks for everything, Chelsie, including the great family pictures you took!"

-Alan B.

"10/10 recommend Chelsie as your doula to help ease your mind for birth, and to have a friend and someone who listens to you."

-Angela B.

"Chelsie is my top choice for a doula! Chelsie has a big heart and genuinely wants to help families."

-Daniella B.

My Philosophy

Welcome to Bonded Births Doula Services, where the wishes of your family are not only respected, but appreciated. My name is Chelsie Pasley. I am a certified labor doula committed to providing nurturing, unbiased evidence-based care to growing families through pregnancy, childbirth, and the early postpartum period.

With Bonded Births, you will feel empowered and confident in your ability to give birth your way, while feeling loved and supported through the entire journey! Your family is your priority and welcoming a new baby in to the world is life changing. As a mother myself, I understand that the right support can truly make all the difference.

Certified by the only organization with evidence-based training for birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth education, and lactation counseling

Childbirth International is the only organization to recieve birth and lactation professional accreditation with distinction via the ANCC

Background includes experience in social work and a Masters of Science in Sociology from Longwood University

My Birth Story

In both of my births, I was induced due to high blood pressure; a choice (or lack of a choice) I was faced with during my pregnancy. The support my nurses provided me through labor was amazing and I truly believe their comfort and presence helped me to have successful, natural births as I had wanted. Though induction was not a part of my birth preferences, I feel very fortunate to have had two healthy births!

After my first birth, I struggled with post partum anxiety that I now recognize as being partially attributed to the lack of control I had over my own birth. The choice had been stripped from me and I felt thrusted in to a birth I hadn’t mentally prepared for yet. The support I received postpartum from medical professionals was very minimal, leaving me feeling alone in my new motherhood journey. My second birth allowed me to schedule my induction when my blood pressure began to climb and was very emotionally healing for me and made me realize I wanted to give support to others in their births.

Why I Became A Doula

I am happily married with two crazy, silly daughters. Before becoming a doula, I was a social worker working with children and families in and out of the child welfare system. My background in social work, advocacy, and empowerment helps me to provide a judgement free and understanding outlook to the women and families I support now. Helping others is my love language and I am truly passionate about it.

I knew I wanted to be the emotional and psychological support I never received postpartum after my births. Spreading awareness of postpartum anxiety and depression is so important. We are so quick to want to check in on a new born baby, but we too often forget to check in with the new mom and woman that was born the moment her baby entered the world.

Motherhood is transformative. And sometimes it’s not pretty! My goal as a doula is to help those who are struggling with anxiety and depression, to help them feel seen and heard in their feelings. To provide them with love and support and hope because it does take a village. Being a part of the sacred journey that is child birth is an honor. And witnessing the transformative process of becoming a brand new mom is such a privilege!

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